Service Advisory

“Happy Staff, Happy Customers” are quoted by many servicing companies when it comes to development of their service slogans.

Companies do have a lot of alternatives about achieving the objective of “Happy Staff, Happy Customers”.

Some companies choose to engage its staff members through activity-based programs such as team building workshops.

Others choose to engage its staff members with the mind-setting support of senior management such as monthly learning sessions with senior management.

Some others choose to engage its staff members through participation in service enhancement plan such as tea meetings to collect staff  feedback.

Others may choose to promote experience sharing from senior servicing sales staff to more junior servicing sales staff and to the degree of standardizing best practices.

Despite variety of all, essential of excellent service remains to think like customers and to know exactly the critical customer requirement to be built in the servicing process.

Easier said than done, true understanding of customers’ requirement comes from persistent collection of data and information from the customers and continuous interpretation of the information and data.

The foundation of service excellence indeed lies in the capability of the companies to share relevant data and information within itself to generate collective insights hence consensus about how customers filters excellent service versus mediocre services.

Simple yet structured means to collect first hand data and information of your customers is the first important step to service excellence before any activity-based staff engagement and participation programs.

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